The Perfect Stat Products: Video Series

For a better idea of what The Perfect Stat can do for you, take a look at our 4 part video series showing the features and how simple it is to use.

TPS Bowler Setup

TPS Traditional Game

TPS Tournament

TPS Baker Game

* The videos are posted on YouTube and will open in a separate window. Internet Explorer users may have to click "Allow Blocked Content" in order to watch the videos.

  • User Friendly
  • Easy Frame Scoring
  • Automatic Score Calculation
  • Instantaneous Statistics
  • Traditional and Baker Games
  • Reporting and Tournament Information
  • Long Term Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Multiple Stat End of Game Analysis

The Perfect Stat: Testimonials

Using “The Perfect Stat”, I identified the area that needed the greatest improvement in our bowlers’ games. We tailored our practice sessions to work on these items. We improved the team average by 40 pins.

Coach Tom, Bronze Coach

“The Perfect Stat” makes a coach's job easier by highlighting a player's strengths and weaknesses during competition. In competitive environments it's necessary to have this valuable information in order to enhance player performance.

Bill Delawski, Silver Coach, St. John’s University

I firmly believe that “The Perfect Stat” enables you to make better adjustments much more quickly than without using the program. Visual reminders of where your first shot hit the pocket and what pins were left, aided in making those adjustments. It enabled our team to go from 18th place in the first half of the league to 1st place in the second half.

Mike Vietri, Sport Bowler

“The Perfect Stat” is truly a great program that every bowler should own. It keeps track of everything and helps you correct your mistakes so you can get out of bad habits.

Matt Aballi, College Student

The program (“The Perfect Stat”) is very user friendly. I highly recommend it for bowling leagues especially college.

Judy Greaves, Grandparent