The Perfect Stat: Our Company


The Perfect Stat is an innovative program that was developed by combining 25+ years of Collegiate Coaching experience (complete with many, many, many boxes of score keeping sheets) along with 25+ years of Programming experience. We felt that by combining our respective experiences as well as our love of the sport that we could produce a product that would satisfy a Coaches need to keep information on their players performance, their players contact info and the competition venue in a paperless format. We have consulted with many of the collegiate coaches that we met at tournaments across the country for their input as to what type of statistics are important to them and what information they would like to keep on competition venues. This information is always accessible so that it is easy to see past performances and plan corrective practice (s) to improve future performance. We would like to thank them for all their valuable input in creating our first version. The Perfect Stat, then has been designed by Coaches to be used by all levels of Coaches, (Collegiate, High School, Youth programs, etc.), by Parents wanting to track their child's performance or by bowlers wanting to track their performance whether in leagues, sports leagues, tournaments or practice. We hope you enjoy the software.

Good luck and good bowling!